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  • A student from Shanghai.

A "Max" Lover

have already got ranked Max in the following 83 official charts:

  • Tutorial Basic LV.1
  • Intro Easy LV.1
  • Space Easy LV.1
  • Hidden Identity Easy LV.1
  • クロイツ -Kreutz- Easy LV.1
  • Clout Chaser Easy LV.1
  • Windowfrost Easy LV.1
  • Midnight Easy LV.2
  • Fallen Angel ~ the polychromatic mandrake Easy LV.2
  • wednesday cat Easy LV.2
  • 愛を探して Encounter LV.2
  • Promise Easy LV.3
  • Behind Stoic Easy LV.3
  • Ecstatic Easy LV.3
  • Beat 'Em Up Easy LV.3
  • cryout Easy LV.3
  • Snow Candy Easy LV.3
  • Mechanted Easy LV.3
  • Omnia Vanitas Easy LV.4
  • DNA Яєѕуη¢няσηιzαтιση Easy LV.4
  • Ginevra 夏 LV.4
  • いざ、参ります 夏 LV.4
  • Glow Dance Easy LV.4
  • Gray Memories Easy LV.4
  • Clockwork Icicle Easy LV.4
  • DhAneLLeis Easy LV.4
  • Windowfrost Hard LV.4
  • Neutralize Easy LV.4
  • 8bit Adventurer Easy LV.4
  • Bluebell Dystopia Easy LV.5
  • The Specter Easy LV.5
  • Clout Chaser Hard LV.5
  • STRUT Easy LV.5
  • Frostbite Cool LV.5
  • Alternative Destination Easy LV.5
  • Figure Easy LV.5
  • Jericho Hard LV.6
  • Door Knock Easy LV.6
  • Tutorial Advanced LV.6
  • Quartzia Logia Hard LV.6
  • 愛を探して Distrust LV.6
  • Glow Dance Hard LV.6
  • Continued Hard LV.6
  • Hex Tiamat Easy LV.6
  • Behind Stoic Hard LV.7
  • cryout Hard LV.7
  • wednesday cat Hard LV.7
  • Starblizzard Hard LV.7
  • Arise Hard LV.7
  • Hidden Identity Hard LV.7
  • Mechanted Hard LV.7
  • About the Universe Hard LV.8
  • High Spirits Hard LV.8
  • Felicity Hard LV.8
  • いざ、参ります 花火 LV.8
  • Ginvera 花火 LV.8
  • Ecstatic Hard LV.8
  • Embrace of the Rain at dusk Hard LV.8
  • Kittens Express Hard LV.9
  • Beat 'Em Up Hard LV.9
  • クロイツ -Kreutz- Hard LV.9
  • Luminescent Hard LV.9
  • Frostbite Hard LV.9
  • Howling to the Moon EX LV.9
  • Promenade Hard LV.10
  • Necrosis Hard LV.10
  • Stray Hard LV.10
  • Catching Up EX LV.10
  • YUMEND Hard LV.11
  • Door Knock EX LV.11
  • クロイツ -Kreutz- EX LV.11
  • astrEnfant Hard LV.11
  • Behind Stoic EX LV.11
  • ジェリーフィッシュ Hard LV.11
  • Träne Hard LV.11
  • Octopus Hard LV.12
  • Piano Apprentice Hard LV.12
  • Ginevra 祭り LV.12
  • Good World Hard LV.12
  • Ecstatic EX LV.13
  • Hypocrisy EX LV.13
  • Interference:Episode II EX LV.15
  • also achieved 200.00% in Tier 1~4,But can't even achieve tp98 in most of the charts over LV.16(´╥ω╥`)
  • My highest actual Ranked Max Level is 13,although real 14s are already a bit difficult for me …
  • Learning to make charts recently_(:з」∠)_

2021.08.12 Hope that Cytoid will have a bright future.Thank you for developing such a good game,Tix and Neo.

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Passed Tier 3 in event "Summer Festival"Passed Tier 1 in event "Signal Interference"Passed Threose: Tier 3 in event "Edge of Consciousness"Passed Shiro: Tier 3 in event "Edge of Consciousness"Passed Kuro: Tier 3 in event "Edge of Consciousness"Passed Tier 3 in event "Perfect Holiday"

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