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rt 9.10
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ipad player/random tech charter

i do not play this game. i love alice schach. profile art by @Yangii_S on twitter

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Passed Threose: Tier 3 in event "Edge of Consciousness"Passed Shiro: Tier 1 in event "Edge of Consciousness"Passed Kuro: Tier 1 in event "Edge of Consciousness"
Maxed Out

Attain the perfect score on any level.

Max Expert

Attain the perfect score on 3 levels.

First Step

Attain a score of 999000+ on any level.

Combo Newbie

Get 1000 combo on any level.

Combo Hobbyist

Get 2000 combo on any level.


Reach 100 ranked plays.


At least you now own this achievement.

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