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Morpeko here, you can call me Peko:D
A chart designer who has 2 years' experience
in designing chart but never shows anyone his old stuffs...

A noob player, ambitious chart designer and cooldere-loving pokemon who come from Galar Region.
My aim in charting is to produce a charming chart and to let people know how beautiful music is.

Well generally I chart Anime-pop and common otoge music;however I sometimes may try new things as a self-challenge.




My Goal:
1. Chart all music genres which are interesting to play.

2. Chart all Anime openings which are my favourites

3. Imitate all decent charting styles.

4. Design some storyboards for my favourite songs.

5. Become a charting contest winner with a mere otaku stuff.

Please feel free to order some anime songs to me on the comment blank,I would accept ur order If It sounds nice:D

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