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I haven't put much effort into it for a while for various reasons, but I've been playing cytoid a lot lately. I love max! Basically, I only play charts that I can max lol. So don't worry too much about my score in the rankings, if it's not max, it's just because I haven't played seriously yet 👋 ↓About my grades (2020.7.14). 30 of my best records are all filled with 16. The highest rt i reached is 16.00 (world first).

My skills and abilities are explained in these videos, so please watch them first before making any crazy requests! I don't really like to be requested in the first place, though. 【Cytoid】Wouldn't you guys like to see me reach the maximum rating?! ─Challenge for Rating 16.00─ https://youtu.be/bXRcbza7uD8 【Cytoid】The time has finally come... No.1 rt player challenges "MEGALOVANIA (Camellia Remix)"!!!!!!! https://youtu.be/VJ9X0wXamH8 【Cytoid】I tried how many times I can get max STAGER in a row "PART2"!! https://youtu.be/qkYT07C9ZXw

Twitter:https://mobile.twitter.com/tentofoo Youtube:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtqnReCXF843L-1oUp_ra0Q

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Welcome to Cytoid!

Play Intro in ranked mode.

Maxed Out

Attain the perfect score on any level.

Max Expert

Attain the perfect score on 3 levels.

Mad Max

Attain the perfect score on 10 levels.

First Step

Attain a score of 999000+ on any level.

Getting Addicted

Attain a score of 999000+ on 10 levels.

Ultra Player

Attain a score of 999000+ on 50 levels.

Combo Newbie

Get 1000 combo on any level.

Combo Hobbyist

Get 2000 combo on any level.

Combo Master

Get 3000 combo on any level.


Reach 100 ranked plays.


Reach 500 ranked plays.


Reach 1000 ranked plays.


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What a coincidence!

True Love

You really love this song, huh?


The ratio of equality.


7h15 15 7h3 w4y w3 5p34k.

Who the hell is Yuzuru?

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