Never Get To Heaven -Drunk-




  • Never Get To Heaven -Drunk-
  • Pack: Cy7 Days of Christmas IV: The Winter Wonderbar (cy7wonderbar) (Thursday)

>> Worship not the false idols who claim pleroma.

Made by Bentux

BPM: ~64

Bathe not in the jails that claim deliverance.

__ __

“Christmas has changed. Man has changed. Don’t force your garbage down their throats anymore, they don’t want it.”

“Your work and argument have no logical merit.”

“Man believes in writing, technology, medicine - their own miracles they fought to master - not your little magic tricks. And I’m just a convenient figurehead they’ll discard when they’re through with me.”

“Your meddling has tainted man. They no longer function as intended.”

“They’re a vanity project you kept in a cage called Idunn. You locked them up and treated them like pets, and when they wanted more for themselves - as your design compelled them, no less - you threw them away.”

“The sinful were permitted into the world they deserved. Imperfection may not exist in Idunn.”

“Your discarded toys were refugees cast into endless void. I filled that void with the pleasure and suffering of existence and self. Where light is there is shadow; existence cannot be if all are rebels, or if all are slaves.”

“You deceive yourself, Satan.”

“Then He who calls Himself infinite and omnipotent is Himself blind and vindictive, but worry not, Ein Soph; one day I too will be discarded, just as you have been.”

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