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Hello and welcome to the Cy7 account! Now you may be wondering: Who are we and what do we do? Well sit back, and get comfy, because we’re gonna tell you about those things.

Who we are:

We are a group of members that have an interest in making Cytoid charts and other Cytoid-related stuff. We don't have much of a schedule or anything for our endeavors, but we are a group that tries and make charts, through and through.

What do we do?:

We primarily aim to be a good, healthy and friendly bunch of people who really just wanna make Cytoid charts and generally help the Cytoid community’s endeavors along the way. We have our own server too, that you can talk to us about.

And with that, you’re free to explore our endeavors and see what we will plan for in the future. We hope to make Cy7 a charting group that help guides Cytoid's future.


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