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  • Carol Of The Bells

    • Pack: Cy7 Days of Christmas: Advent Of A Frozen World (cy7advent) (Day 3/7)

Made by TonyKrZa

BPM: 180 - 130

Shopping time!

Or so Mary declared.


Or so Rene thought.

Things never did go well when the family went shopping. Ryan would make a mess of the shops, Rhett would pester everyone he knew (that is, Gilbert, then Mary, then Rene) to buy stuff, and Rene would usually have to be the marshall who moderated everything, including keeping her parents from spending at every turn.

Everyone apparently just goes insane when they shop, from Rene’s perspective.

She never did buy (pun intended) the philosophy so many believed - buy stuff during the holidays. If she needed something, she would buy it, and if she did not need something, she would not. No ifs or buts, spending only where and when needed.

Snapping out of contemplation as she suddenly noticed that she trailed behind her family, Rene got a move on. She took the chance to look at her family - quite the sight it was.

Ryan and Rhett were running around, though mostly sensibly at least. Gilbert and Mary held hands, a rare sight to see a married couple twenty-odd years into their marriage still passionate about each other.

Then everything came crumbling down.

“Mom! We should watch a movie! Can we watch ‘Little Monsters of Christmas Eve’?” Rhett exclaimed as they walked past a cinema.

Rene cringed - the movie poster, even along other shameless cash-grabs, was terribly uninspired. And that plot in the trailer...

So very predictable.

“Rhett, I can guarantee you, that movie just wastes time and money.”

“But I wanna watch a movie!”

“Then watch something better.”

“But it’ll be good!”

Pulling up an aggregate rating of two stars out of five, Rene showed her phone to a then-silenced Rhett.

Her vindication provided fleeting reprieve; the background music - a loop of several carols - soon lost its charm.

“Damn idiots can’t even think of instruments other than pianos and strings,” she thought to herself, “not even a guitar?”

The thinnest veil of illusory cheer had been shattered. Rene was never one to plan out her thoughts, and a whole cocktail of emotions washed over her.

“Ugh, why are we here anyway?”

“Shopping for tomorrow,” Mary said, “dinner party.”

Her entire family, it seemed, did not plan out much at all.


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Conor Burke



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