Cold Breath


Frozen Exhalation


  • Cold Breath
  • Pack: Cy7 Days of Christmas III: Deluxe Edition (cy7christmas) (Day 6/7)

In honor to SHIKI.

Made by TonyKrZa

BPM: 140 - 200

  • Fine, I charted boomer music, are you happy?

"Walking through the winter fields isn't so bad every once in a while..."

Glacie always found it nice and relaxing to walk through the park at these moments of calm cold serenity. The snow piling up as the kids play around making snow angels and snowmen... it brings a warm smile to her.

She sits down near a bench as the snowflakes fall, looking up at the sky. It's a lot more blue than she thought it would've been.

Suddenly, a snowflake falls on her hand. She looks at it, as it doesn't melt in her hands... It stays still, like a memory still fresh.

She doesn't understand why, but looking closer, she starts to remember her own past. Why she remembers to...

Your cold breath... I want you to feel it yourself.

She remembers tears. For being weird and out of place. For being born with hair the color of snow.

...You wanted to become a musician, right? To change the world with your own sounds and creativity...

She remembers always playing the piano. Sometimes locked up in her room for hours on cold winter days.

"Please hold me... Please... Please..."

She remembers warmth. Warmth between all the coldness she's been given for years.

Promise me that no matter what happens, you'll still keep moving forward, okay? I always liked it when you smile.

She remembers to smile from that day forward. To enjoy the snow falling around her.

Glacie snaps back to reality. Her memory of those snowy days have been long since frosted over. But for her, there was still a reminder to have fun. To know that the world was never as bad as she thought it could be...

She'll honor that promise that was made to her. To smile towards the future.

She blows the snowflake away.


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