Tera I/O

KrZa's Death BlowLv. 15+
  • Tera I/O


For the 130th Octopus Tournament - See Cytoid Discord for details


Song is part of an album with the same name by Camellia

We feed you a deathblow! IT'S TERA I/O-

Made by TonyKrZa

BPM: 200

  • This was made in about 2 weeks, and with a lot of refinement/criticism from the previous chart! Stuttering scanlines, scanline velocity manipulation, the return of quad-flicks, etc. Hopefully this should be a good balance of bullshit and fair, but at the same time, it's from you-know-who, so who am i to say :^)
  • Also yes it's a double sub becasue screw you I can do that apparantly. Also yes the art is Mori, one of the guys in the Cy7 crew is a Hololive fan :p


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11/14/2020, over 1 year ago