青龍, SilvaGunner, maki ligon (mixed by TonyKrZa)

KrZa's “Melody Madness”



For the 121st Octopus Tournament - See Cytoid Discord for details


Close your eyes...

Two tourney subs in a row fucking pog

  • So yeah, if you didn't get out of the finger hell that was the previous tourney chart, or was one of the people who were not good enough to get 5th place or higher, I'm here as a substitute for that!
  • This chart (audio mixing included) took about 3 days to do, so that does mean I'm getting faster for tourney subs/chart making, which is pretty neat. Nothing really notable about the chart either, aside from the audio mixing taking a bit, but I think it was worth it!
  • And although this track is still quite difficult, it is in no way as hard as the last tourney, but still in no ways easy for a 15+, still some mean tricks thrown in here for good measure, soooooooooo :^)

Audio used:

BPM: 191

Are you prepared to hear something very familiar, but very different? Then close your eyes and listen...


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09/12/2020, over 3 years ago


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