Burning Aquamarine


KrZa's Colorful Epilogue


In the fire never goes, like elixir never flows-

Happy New Years!

Man... over 100 charts, and it’s been over 5 years of being in Cytoid… I guess that’s a good time to drop this if anything!

This chart is something that I’d honestly say I’m the most proud of in terms of storyboarding and charting work. My first year with Nacreous was holding onto the ropes, second was M1LLI0N and going wild, and third was refining what I wanted out of Cytoid with TremENDouS. And now… I have a clear vision on what I want this time.

This is, still sadly rushed, and some corners had to be cut due to Cytoid not being able to handle it, or me just not having enough time to execute what I wanted. But for me? I’m happy with how this came out, and I think I will continue to be happy with it in the future. But who knows? It’s almost the end of the year after all.

But, this marks the end of an era of sorts. The end of the "Tony heavily edits the same image for December 31st" era, I supposed, hehe. It's been a good run, but I think it's time to mark and end to it and, move on. I can't keep building off an old image forever after all.

And a special thanks to:

  • Cthulol and Cirno for being my biggest inspirations in charting
  • Kurante and Zariq for being my biggest inspirations in storyboarding (and also good friends~!)
  • and finally, Bentux and Koishu for making me into who I am today, I would never have developed my style and become who I am if it weren't these two ^^

Have a very happy new years. I’ll see you in the next year.

BPM: 202

Special thanks to everyone who I've listed in the end, and you, if you played this. It means a lot!


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