TANO*C Sound Team
V.S. Cyto*CLv. 15+

I'm a- I'm a- I'm a- I'm a OG, boy-

If one collaboration was not enough, then why not two? and why stop at two? WHY NOT COLLABORATE WITH SIX OTHER PEOPLE!?

Oh my lord how am I alive right now... anyways, yes! This is a (at this point mega)collab with 6 different Cytoid people! And we all want to break your arms! (I need to stop collaborating jesus christ)

Well, without further ado, time to credit the pals who helped in making this! Thank you:

  • Koishukaze, AKA rhalo70, AKA Nyala, AKA I've given up tracking your nicknames
  • Karson, AKA KS62 for storyboarding and stitching everything together
  • James, AKA Jamesly56 for also helping with storyboarding
  • Hanya, AKA hana26 for... being drunk
  • ukp, AKA Unknownperson for... being known idk I'm grasping at straws
  • gameover, AKA exdan for also being another storyboarder, how I got 3 is a miracle
  • And Tonya for the speedcore part, despite how jarring it is! (she asked not to be counted as a collaborator but I added her in anyways, she helped)

This never would have been possible without them, give them a big helping hand!

This took a month to make, and I hope the effort shows! Enjoy the sounds of the Tano*C team, made by us, Cyto*C!

  • Section Splits:
    0:00 - 0:13: Hanya
    0:14 - 0:23: Unknownperson
    0:24 - 0:32: KS62
    0:33 - 0:42: TonyKrZa
    0:43 - 0:51: exdan
    0:52 - 1:01: KS62
    1:02 - 1:11: Hanya
    1:12 - 1:21: Koishukaze
    1:22 - 1:30: Jamesly56
    1:31 - 1:40: Unknownperson
    1:41 - 1:49: TonyaKrZa
    1:50 - 1:59: Jamesly56
    2:00 - 2:13: exdan

BPM: 200

Let's get this party started!


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07/26/2021, 6 months ago