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An alt for Koishukaze for ARG shenyalagans

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Attain the perfect score on any level.

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Attain the perfect score on 3 levels.

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Attain a score of 999000+ on any level.

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Get 1000 combo on any level.


Reach 100 ranked plays.


What a coincidence!

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6 hours 35 minutes 55 seconds

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Ah, teh marvel that is teh "definitely won't cwash" cytoid wevel. Pwictuwe dis: you'we stwowing thwough teh digitaw wondewwand of youw favowite app, minding youw own business, when suddenwy you encountew teh epitome of sacwasm in teh fowm of a cytoid wevel. It's wike teh devewopews took a cwash couwse in iwonwy and tuwned it into code.As you bwavewy ventuwe fowth, expecting a smooth expeiwence, teh wevel gleefuwwy thwows obstacwes youw way wif aww teh subtweaty of a swedgehammew. But feaw not! Instead of cwashing youw app wike a powite pwogwam, it decides to hit you wif a sacwastic twist: a westawt. Oh yesh, because what's mowe entewtaining dan having to stawt ovew just when you fought you had it aww figuwed out?With each westawt, teh app pwacticawwy wowws its virtuaw eyesh, as if to say, "Oh, you fought you could conquew me? That's cute." It's wike being twapped in a woop of digitaw mockewy, whewe evewy faiwuwe is met wif a not-so-subtwe wemindew of youw incompetence.But hey, who needs smooth gamepway when you can have a heawthy dose of sacwasm, wight? So buckwe up, bwave pwaiyew, fow teh wide of youw digitaw wife. Just wemembew, it's not cwashing—it's westawting, and it's doing so wif teh sassiest attitude imaginabuwu.

Yes, meet the Citiide Face assistant in the wrong place and explore the digital world of your loved ones. Sounds like a plan. If you don"t know the difference between courage and bravery, c. But don"t worry! Like all previous shows, we have decided to surprise you with something special: updates. So what"s more fun than thinking you know it all? Every time I play, "Did I pass the test?" He began to speak

A-Aw, mate, th-the marvel that is the "defin-n-n-nitely won't c-crash" cytoid wevel. P-Picture this: you're strolling through the d-d-digital wonderland of your fav-favorite app, m-m-minding your own b-b-business, when su-s-suddenly you en-c-c-c-counter the epi-pi-pitome of s-sarcasm in the form of a cytoid level. It's l-like the dev-v-v-velopers took a crash course in i-i-i-i-irony and tu-tu-tu-t-t-t-t-t-turned it into c-c-c-code.As you bravely v-v-venture forth, ex-expecting a sm-smooth experience, th-the level g-gleefully th-th-throws obstacles your way with a-a-a-all the subt-t-tlety of a s-s-sledgehammer. But f-f-fear not! I-instead of c-c-crashing your app like a p-p-polite program, it d-d-decides to hit you w-w-w-w-with a sarcastic twist: a r-r-r-r-restart. Oh y-y-yes, because what's more e-e-entertaining than h-having to s-start over j-j-just when you thought you had it all f-f-f-f-f-f-figured out?With each restart, th-the app practically r-r-r-r-rolls its virtual eyesh, as if t-t-to say, "Oh, you th-thought you could c-c-conquer me? Th-that's cute." It's like being trapped in a l-l-loop of d-d-d-digital mockery, where e-e-every failure is m-m-m-met with a not-so-sub-subtle reminder of your inco-c-co-c-c-co-co-co-com-petence.But h-hey, who n-needs smooth g-g-gameplay when you c-c-c-c-can have a h-h-healthy dose of s-sarcasm, r-r-right? S-So buckle up, brave p-p-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play-play

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