We Could Get More Machinegun Psystyle! (And More Genre Switches)

Tonya's & Nyala's Rapidfire Onsalught (240-320 flattened)Lv. 15+
KrZa & Koishu's Rapidfire Onsalught (240 flattened)Lv. 15+

What am I even doing anymore nya~

"The bells of your fate are echoing across the vast desert. You have walked across the vast lands for days but what is it that keeps you going? Is it the ruins you seek? Or is it the artefacts you wish to take from my lands. You looked up to admire the seemingly limitless wasteland seemingly wondering if this is where you truly belong.

"Looking for something, ehehe~" a voice echos in your head. You don't recognise the voice, but out of desperation you cry out for the voice.

The voice returns to your head and acknowledges your call of desperation, "It's alright, I'm here-"

"But not for you ehehe~. I҉'m ̡l̷o͢oki̶ng,͢ ̷fǫr҉ á ̛ce͝rtąin͟ someon͡e" the voice replies threateningly"

"and͞ ͞s̵h̵e ća̕me rig͘h͘t̶ ̨t͘oo̶ ̸m͡e ȩ̡͞h̵̡̛͟ȩ́͜͞h̸̸e͠͏̶h҉̧e̢͘h̛͘͞e̕͢~"


Heya, I'm back, don't let the trill-heavy fuckery trip you up. -TonyKrZa

I hope you like jacking it (the screen I mean) -Koishukaze

BPM: 160-128

Scanline BPM: 320-32

Machinegun Psystyle? Pffff, I prefer Machinegun TOISHISTYLE-

Edit: Added another difficulty (Tonya's & Nyala's Rapidfire Onsalught (240-320 flattened))


240bpm flattned = KrZa & Koishu's Rapidfire Onsalught (240 flattened) 240-320bpm flattened = Tonya's & Nyala's Rapidfire Onsalught (240-320 flattened)


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