KrZa's 3 Year Cascade {VFX}
KrZa's 3 Year Cascade


  • TremENDouS
  • Pack: Cy7 Days of Christmas III: Deluxe Edition (cy7christmas) (Day 7/7)

This is my 50th 15+, and my end of the year gift for you all.

Made by TonyKrZa

BPM: 120 - 285

  • This... is TremENDouS.

This section is going to be phrased a little differently, as it's gonna be less of a story and more me (Tony) just talking.

First of all, every single sprite and video image you see here has been pulled from multiple different charts: Nacreous, M1LLI0N, Crimson, Cubes, and ΩΩPARTS respectively. The "tower" image is from ナコモ (Nakomo) and edited by yours truly. The "TremENDouS" text you see frequently pop up in the chart was taken from Camellia's offical YT upload, the Kerza/Nyala sprites were made by Breadcrumb5550, The "Snow" video was taken from Wanderer Zariq's F-Rozenette's EX Storyboard, The "Glitch" video was made by Koishukaze, and the Static video was taken from yube07. Everything else was made by yours truly. That is a lot of sources, good god.

Second of all, I'd like to thank everyone from Cy7 for sticking with this silly little project of mine for about 2 years now. I never thought making what is effectively a chart label would take me down such a massive rabbit hole of reviving, dying, bringing new things to Cytoid's table, and all of the other shenanigans in between.

It's been a thought of mine to try and actively be part of a rhythm game community that I love, and contribute to hopefully something that can last a long while. And here I am, three years on, having that thought granted to me. Thank you, to all of you!

And finally, a more, personal note:

I have been playing Cytoid for about three years now. To say that my life has changed would be quite an understatement. I've met a lotta friends and found one who was close to me, and who, I think to this day, probably pushed me to keep playing Cytoid. Sure, it's a little sappy, but it's almost New Years, cut me some slack :p

I love this community more than I wish I could say, just by being a simple blueberry who somehow has obtained powers beyond his imagination, and having people who like what I do, whether as a player or as a charter.

I've been given gifts that I've taken with absolute adoration, but now... I think it's time I should give back to those who have stuck with my ridiculous stunts.

This, is my present to you. Have fun, and... have a happy new years.


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